Monday, November 8, 2021 - 2:15 to 3:45 p.m.

Session A

A1 The Platinum Rule: Creating Connections that Inspire

Presenters: Shawn Wilson, Chief Business Development Officer, CK Family Services and Stanton Williams, Executive Advisor, Culture Index

On our never-ending quest to connect to ourselves and others we can all benefit from research-supported tools that help us connect in meaningful and lasting waysJoin us to learn more about the Culture Index, a game-changing approach to employee engagement that helps you understand the unique needs of each employee in your organization and motivate your teams in highly individualized ways towards achieving your mission.  

A2 Enabling Others to Act:  Empowering Leaders at All Levels

Presenters: Kim Gibbons, Senior Consultant, Denise McDonald, Senior Director of Programs and Outreach, and Tom Pearce, President, iLead Consulting & Training

Incredible leaders are all around usJoin us to discover how you can grow leaders at all levels of your organization through fostering collaborative and trusting relationships. Through a highly interactive experience, you will be guided through core leadership development principles and practices gleaned from the award-winning book by Jim Kouzes & Barry Posner, The Leadership Challenge® and their newly released book Everyday People, Extraordinary Leaders

A3 Centering Children and Families in Decision-Making: The Texas Permanency Outcomes Project (TXPOP)

Presenters: Brenda K. Keller, LCSW, Program Manager, TXPOP and Director of Clinical Practice Initiatives, Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services, and Jamie Bernstein, Executive Director, Supreme Court of Texas Children’s Commission

The Texas Permanency Outcomes Project (TXPOP) is changing the way practitioners and courts connect with families and their networks to share power in every aspect of planning and decision-making. TXPOP believes that through compassion, humility, and inclusion, we can increase permanency and well-being for children and their families. collaboration between the Texas Institute for Child & Family Wellbeing and the Texas Center for Child and Family Studies, TXPOP has developed a new practice model designed to put children and families at the center.  In partnership with the Children’s Commission of the Texas Supreme Court, the TXPOP team is working with judges and attorneys to help them understand their role in building partnerships between families, their networks, and caregivers, and in increasing children’s sense of connection and belonging. In this session, you will learn the fundamental values of the model, how judges have been incorporated into the TXPOP project from the very beginning and in multiple ways, and hear how the approach is impacting families. 

A4 At the Crux of Care: The Integration of Trauma-Informed Care & Abuse Risk Management

Presenters: Laura Hardin Aceves, LMSW, Senior Risk Consultant, Praesidium, and Ally Matteson, LCSW, Project Director, Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development

Both trauma-informed care and abuse riskmanagement philosophies seek to create safe environments for youth in care by establishing healthy relationships and proactive skill building. Join the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development and Praesidium for a collaborative dialogue that gets to the crux of how to care for children and youth with higher needs. This session will outline the importance for your child welfare organization to integrate both trauma-informed care and abuse prevention best practices into organizational frameworks and tools to operationalizthese two critical lenses. 

A5 Cancelled

A6 Embracing Cultural Connections & Diversity in Transracial Adoptions 

Presenters: Jeanette Willis, CEO/LCPAA, Sheri Abbey, LMSW, LCPAA, Adoptions Programs Director, and Lois Miller, Director of Adoption Advocacy, Advantage Adoptions-OCOC

Transracial adoptions benefit from embracing cultural connections and understanding diversity. This session will discuss the importance of initiating conversations about race and diversity in adoption, how openness will impact professionals in the workplace, and will explore how organizational leaders can initiate a culture of diversity in the workplace to create better adoption outcomes for children. The informational workshop includes music and humor for icebreakers, research & shared experiences, and engaging interactions so that participants learn specific ways they can embrace and understand the impact of cultural connections to families and children. Participants will be engaged through encouraged responses to polls and actual scenarios. Participants will discuss the need for ongoing conversations about embracing cultural connections, having open discussions about race issues, and understanding diversity to support transracial adoptions. Participants will explore how individuals and leaders can initiate a culture of diversity in the workplace and how this work can positively impact services to families and children. 

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