Tuesday, November 9 2021 - 8:30 to 10:00 a.m.

Session C

C1 Utilizing Your National Accreditation to Drive Revenue Growth and Reduce Costs

Presenter: Jennifer Flowers, CEO & Founder, Accreditation Guru 

This session will explore how you can get the most out of your accredited status, including promoting accreditation internally and externally, technology and data protection, fundraising, and grant opportunities. Further, we will share ways in which past clients have leveraged their accreditation for revenue growth and costs savings; recognize how accreditation standards are inherently structured to increase cost efficiencies and maximize potential for growth; identify factors to consider when tracking return on investment; and discover new ways to tie accreditation to revenue growth and reduced costs.

C2 How to Assess, Develop, and Retain Your Organization's Greatest Assets: Your Team's Leadership Talent

Presenters: Dennis Miller, Founder & Chairman, and Allan Weisberg, Senior Vice President, DCM Associates, Inc.

This session will cover the important components of developing a high functioning nonprofit leadership program at your organization that best achieves your organization’s mission and vision to serve your community. These components include how to assess, develop and retain your team’s leadership potential; how to create an organization wide leadership development program for your organization; how to support and implement your leadership development plan; and the benefits of a leadership development plan.

C3 Victim or Criminal? Understanding Minor Victims of Sex Trafficking Who Have Committed Criminal Acts 

Presenters: Ada McCloud, Prevention Practitioner, Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation, and Kimberly Wied, Program Specialist, Human Trafficking & Child Exploitation, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Service provision for identified minor victims of sex trafficking can be complicated especially when the victim has committed criminal acts and is involved with the juvenile justice system. Many community members will solely focus on the crime and write victims off as troubled criminals who should be held accountable for their crimes. Many providers may feel the same way or are hesitant to offer services to victim-offenders. Are we wrong? This session will define sex trafficking and explore the related trauma exposure for victims. The session will delve into the importance of using a sex trafficking-informed and trauma-informed lens to understand victim-offender conduct. Finally, this session will discuss the consequences when misidentification of victim-offenders occurs and the impact on a victim-offender’s recovery.

C4 Successful Family Therapy in the Era of Virtual Practice 

Presenter: Stephanie Glickman, Clinical Director, Family Centered Treatment Foundation 

This workshop will share how Family Centered Treatment (FTC), a home-based model, had to shift to virtual provision of an evidence-based model and continued to maintain effective treatment outcomes. Participants will learn creative and innovative engagement ideas for how to make virtual family therapy successful as well as future planning on how to blend in-person and virtual practice.  FCT can be used by organizations of many types that want to enhance or expand their service array.

C5 Therapeutic Strategies to Heal and Promote Attunement, Attachment, and Connection – The National Adoption Competency Training

Presenters: Lisa Maynard, LMSW, ACSW, TCTSY-F, Implementation Specialist, and Edna Davis-Brown, M.P.H., Implementation Specialist, The Center for Adoption Support and Competency

Professionals working with children or youth who are moving towards or have achieved adoption need comprehensive training on issues derived from the impact of trauma, attachment injury, and the resulting effects on social-emotional development. This presentation focuses on healing the mind, body, and spirit utilizing evidence-based protocols, tools, and strategies for supporting attachment, attunement, and connections with those who struggle with adversity. It will use activities, tools, and strategies from the National Adoption Competency Mental Health Training Initiative (NTI).

C6 Overcoming Fear-Based Responses to Crisis

Presenter: Larry Hampton, CEO, Satori Learning Designs, Inc.

The presenter will share an Emergency Behavior Intervention program (EBI) that focuses on overcoming fear-based reactions to crisis. Concepts and formats will be provided to help participants respond proactively and effectively to people in crisis. This session will cover self-preparation: how to move from the reactive part of the brain to the reasoning part; perceiving aggression as a secondary emotion and what drives it; basic principles for dealing with a person in crisis; and knowing which part of the brain to engage at each stage of response. Case examples will be provided.

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