Tuesday, November 9, 2021 - 4 to 5:30 p.m.

Session F

F1 Using Data and Analytics to Maximize the Impact of New Technologies in Child Welfare

Presenters: Kyle Kerrigan, Director of Data & Analytics, Upbring; and Rebecca Liebschutz, Chief of Staff, Binti

Technology is a powerful tool used to improve workflow and save social worker time while capturing valuable data that can inform agency decisions and resulting in better outcomes for children. This workshop will highlight how Upbring, a foster family agency based in Austin, has used technology to support the foster family recruitment and licensure process and track/measure the impacts on their agency and on the children and families they serve. Upbring will share more information about how they developed these techniques and internal capabilities to track key metrics, and, in partnership with Binti, will lead a discussion on how agencies can utilize data and technology in an increasingly virtual world to ensure strong outcomes for youth and families.

F2 Workplace Culture: Craft It, Speak It, Multiply It

Presenter: Keith Howard, CEO & President, Circle of Care

Leaders are 100 percent responsible for shaping the culture within their organizations, but often times many leaders do not put the time or energy into doing so. Why not? Because it is hard and continuous work. When done well though, a strong culture drives employee morale, lowers turnover, and leads to great outcomes for children and families. This course will walk through practical steps those in leadership can take to craft, speak, and multiply a healthy workplace culture and hopefully challenge all of us to think and do work differently moving forward.

F3 The Texas Framework for Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth (CSEY) in Residential Care

Presenter: Dr. Kyle Miller, Director, Global Care & Response

Designed to be a 90-minute experiential sample of a 365-day residential care, best practices, planning and implementation process, this workshop will be a real-time sample of the impact of the Texas Framework process for Commercial Sexually Exploited Youth (CSEY) residential facilities. Targeting administrative and clinical team members who desire genuine, relational, best practices, this workshop addresses the complexity and magnitude of CSEY trauma in the very context of the unique challenges this trauma presents for effective residential care programs in Texas.

F4 Redefining, Rethinking, Reflecting: Developing an Intentional Environment for Those Who’ve Experienced Trauma

Presenters: Justin and Alexis Black, Redefining Normal

This session discusses strategies and techniques developed by foster care alumni, Justin and Alexis Black, as they combined the information they’ve learned from healthy foster parents, counselors, advocates, and ultimately their lived experience. By sharing their personal story of overcoming, they discuss the role of a foster parent and advocate and well as the necessary resources to surround themselves with in order to be a positive partner in the lives of the youth themselves. The goal is to help advocates understand that fostering is a collaborative process for both the youth and the parent/caregiver. The presenters will highlight the components of that relationship as well as the aspect of the community that needs to be formed in a healthy and loving environment.

F5 Drum Roll Please...It’s the Residential Child Care Regulation, Contracts, and Heightened Monitoring Update for Residential Providers

Presenters: Representatives from Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and Texas Health and Human Services

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) and Texas Health and Human Services (HHSC) staff will provide an overview of the roles of licensing, contracting, investigations, heightened monitoring, and placement that will be a refresher during these changing times. We will also receive updates on changes and new initiatives underway. This interactive panel of agency experts will take questions and be ready to help us all process the intersection of various oversight and regulatory efforts underway.

F6 Intimate Partner Violence, Child Maltreatment, and Impacts of COVID-19: Safety Planning Approaches for Youth and Families 

Presenters: Krista Del Gallo, Interim Legislative Director, Texas Council on Family Violence, and Leila Wood, Director of Evaluation, Center for Violence Prevention, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB)

The pandemic increased the risk for intimate partner violence, including teen dating violence, decreasing youth and family safety and stability. What strategies are helping older youth and families get safer and reduce abuse? Join Leila Wood from the Center for Violence Prevention at UTMB and Krista DelGallo from the Texas Council on Family Violence for a discussion on older youth and family needs and safety planning. This presentation will include information on how to identify youth at risk for teen dating violence and strategies for youth and family safety planning to reduce the risk and traumatic impacts of intimate partner violence.

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